How to get here

The famous rock just outside of Egersund had 25 000 visitors in 2017. The city of Egersund is located in the south-west of Norway and is easily visited by car, boat or train.

Hiking routes

Magma Geopark holds guided tours every day in the summer. There are two main routes to Trollpikken, from the carpark and from Egersund town centre. All paths are marked with signs.

Visit Egersund

Welcome to a small coastal town with unique shopping, friendly service and local food. Egersund holds several festivals and can offer several memorable attractions.

The tale of Trollpikken

The tale of Trollpikken begun a long, long time ago
– before your grandfather was born, before the dinosaurs – yes, even before the first signs of any plants on our planet. Back then, deep down below an enormous mountain, the Trollpikken was born from warm and
red-glowing molten rock. Slowly but surely the mountain on top was worn down by the relentless forces of nature, piece by piece. Many years passed, with some very hot summers and some very cold winters, with rain flushing across the mountain side and wind carrying away dust and stones. Until one day, Trollpikken emerged from the depths of the earth and out in the fresh breeze, only to get covered once again. This time by the icy crust of huge glaciers that covered the land, the last of their kind.

Magma Geopark

The geopark is the entire area from Brusand in the north to Flekkefjord in the south. Recognized by UNESCO for the unique geology of the area. Trollpikken is located in the middle of the Geopark.

Tourist information

The tourist information office is located at Elvegaten 23 in Egersund, in the offices of  Magma Geopark. Here you can get information, inspiration and tips to activities. Use free Wifi or use public PC’s. The office is open all summer.

Grand Hotel Egersund

The hotel is strategically located for trips to Trollpikken and surrounding terrain. We offer bike rentals.