Visit Trollpikken

Trollpikken is easy to find and access, and the hike can be well suited for most people. The characteristic rock-formation just outside of Egersund had 25 000 visitors in 2017. The location offers easy parking, toilets and a small souvernir shop

  • Length of hike: 1.830 km/1.14 mi
  • Estimated time: 1 hour both ways.
  • Use good hiking shoes, the trail can be wet

By car, and parking at Trollpikken

Follow the signs from FV42 towards Stavanger. A dedicated parking-space has been developed with toilets, and souvernir-shop, which are open during the summer. Parking costs 100NOK per vehicle.

Egersund Taxi offers a fixed-rate service from Egersund town centre and train station to the parking at Trollpikken. A regular car costs 200NOk, and a minibus costs 350NOK, one way. Booking by phone: 004751490000. Remember to order the fixed-rate service.

Bike rental

Visitors can rent bikes from Grand Hotel Egersund.

2,3 km

En vei

187 m


Guided tours

The trip to Trollpikken takes about 2.5 hours of guiding.

If you want a longer trip, we go all the way back to Egersund. Total duration approx. 5 hours.

Route 1: Shortest route

Follow FV 42 from Egersund Train station, going towards Krossmoen. After about 2 minutes, take a right turn onto Sletteidveien, marked with Trollpikken. Drive to the parking marked Trollpikken, about 3-4 minutes. Follow the marked trail on the road and gravel road, Kjervallsbakken. Halfway up the road, the “Opplev Dalane”-trail turns right, away from the road. After the first stream, keep left. When you arrive at the small lake, follow the valley. Trollpikken is standing at the top of the valley. The hike is about 2,3 km each direction.

Route 2: From Egersund town centre

We recommend taking the longer route, from Egersund centre to Trollpikken. Starting from town, walk up to Vannbassengane, and hike towards Veshovda and Mjølhusåsen on the market trail. Head right, before Kjervallsbakken and follow the same route for the final stretch towards Trollpikken. This hike is about 7 km from Vannbassengane, in stunning nature and with great views. Use good hiking-shoes, as the trail can be wet and there will be some bug/ marshland.